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Clean heart

I work in a bank. A bank has lots of money. People like money, because you can get rid of it for many different things. So, naturally, people will often try to get money from a bank.

You might think, as a teller, that it's my job to stop them. Not so.

See, there are many ways to get money from a bank, and a lot of them are legal. The bank likes to give out money, as long as that money is returned, or was received in the first place. Sometimes people will try to get money from the bank dishonestly, and that hurts the bank. Too many times, and the bank will have to close, because all the money will be gone.

What is a poor teller to do? Should he refuse to accept money because it might be fake? Should he refuse to give money because his customers might not be who they say they are? Should he stop taking customers altogether? No, he can't not take customers, because then the bank will also close and he will lose his job. No, instead he has to follow the rules that have been set down, and, when in doubt, to do what he thinks is right. If someone manages to get money dishonestly from a bank and the teller does what is right and what he's supposed to, then the bank says that it is not the teller's fault that the money was lost. The teller is not penalized; he held up his end of the bargain. There is only so much he can do and still serve all the honest customers who come to him with money, or for money.

Love is a lot like this. It's this way that I may learn to love again. I once met someone who turned out to be too good to be true, but one day I may meet that girl who is too good to be true, and yet is the real thing. I'll probably have no trouble falling in love with her.

Trust. It's possible. I'll trust the next girl as I did the last, and I'll make honest choices I can live with. A fool may get burned a thousand times, but when they come to him at the end and say, "Who did you burn?" he may answer with a clean heart, "No one."

"In time, what's deserved always gets served."

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