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Tricky Kid

I only get on-line a couple of hours late at night now, so I feel guilty if I don't take that one opportunity to post something. Don't get me wrong; it's nothing I owe to you. I just feel like I have so much to say; I should take the opportunity to say it.

Oh, well. More movie stuff, I guess. I'm watching Hudson Hawk for the third time. I have it on my computer, but I've never actually watched that copy; I've been saving it for some night where I didn't really have anything better to do. I like this movie. I like a lot of stuff that has cool cat-burgulary. I liked Walter Jon Williamson's Drake Majistral novels (or the ONE that I read). I liked RESCUE: The Embassy Mission (for the NES). A lot of stuff that's hardcore cloak and dagger that few people have liked, I've loved. Am I odd? Definitely. Am I still a child who likes to play spy? Without a doubt. Is there anything wrong with that? I said, is there anything wrong with that?

Huh? Why don'tchu com'ere and say dat to my face, huh?

Fucking punk-ass kids. Get offa my property!

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