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No subject tonight in my coffee; no subject tonight in my tea.

"Bones, your diagnosis?"

"It's dead, Jim. The damned thing is finally dead."

That's right; after four or five or god knows how many hours of cooperative play, I finally beat Halo. When I say I, mean we, but not you. Because you weren't there, man. You don't know what it was like to be in the shit; and by shit I mean a game that lasted longer than any damn Nam. OH GOD did we just want it to end. It always seemed like just a little further, though. Who knew that after a mission titled "Final Run," there would be two more hours of game?

I'm in no rush to buy an XBox, though DOA3 was fun. Yes, I did have an affinity, as expected, for the drunken fighter. As my good friend said, "This is your character to piss people off with, isn't it?" Case in point: the last battle. It was, natch, down to the wire. What did I do? I laid down on the ground, waited for my enemy to approach, and at the last second performed a sweep-throw thingy without ever getting up. So cool. This is why when I borrowed "Fallout" from a friend, he told me to take the trick shot trait, or whatever it was. Finesse? Regardless... I don't always win, but when I do, it's with style.

I've been calling myself a priss a lot lately. Especially since I've started wearing dress clothes for work. Nice and neat, nice and neat.

Watched Memento, FINALLY. I think I started talking about this film in January. Never saw it because movie theaters in the city are so expensive. I enjoyed it a bunch. I also had that annoying compulsion afterwards to emulate the character... not as annoying as with Rainman, maybe, or Beavis, but you can only ask someone, "Do I know you?" so many times.

It was good to hang out with some Jerseyside friends-of. Though my NYC/Stuy friends-of are turning into regular ol' friends, which is nice. I do need to start circulating in... umm... circles? where the girls are not all taken, lesbian, smokers, or some combination. I'm up for just about any relationship right now, but I don't want to be a jerk, a sexist jerk, grossed out, or some combination of the three.

I know I said "so good," but what I really meant is "I'm in awe." I held back, though, because I'm wary of being too open and honest and basically overwhelming. So yes, your compliments mean a lot, because I believe them just that much more.

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