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You did what with them?
All of my gameboy games; old skool GB; I found. No, wait, not found. Had returned to me. Dennis had them locked up in his bureau somewhere. Damn him. I played a rousing bit of TMNT last night and proved that I still had what it takes to bring about the Fall of the Foot Clan. It's a really nice game in 4 colors, and the automatic palette was excellently chosen. I wonder how they do that. I also found my copy of Final Fantasy Adventure, which I'd managed to hide from him. "So that's where it was," he said. And I replied, "Hey, I said you could borrow my games, not steal them." He: "I didn't steal! I just borrowed them to somewhere else!" He gave me our cousin's copy of Link's Awakening, but since I haven't beaten the color GB Zelda games yet, I won't be playing that. I want my own copy of DX eventually, in any regard.

"Accelerate; the faster I race; just might keep me awake."
So now I'm an AWESOME cabbie. It was a beautiful progression. I'd been hitting 8's and 9's all week, and I knew that the $10k mark was right around the corner. So I put a solid 90 min in this morning, just driving harder and harder, sticking with B.D. Joe and Gena. Joe is always a good driver for me, and Gena is bad 90% of the time, but that other 10% she's just phenomenal. I still don't know what the "advantages" and "disadvantages" are of each driver. Even is vague on that point. I did notice that Axel wasn't as tight on the handling after playing Joe, Gena, and Gus. Either Gena is the lightest, fastest, or I just pull of dashes with her best, because she's got the record on the Crazy Jump for me so far.

"She laughs him lullabyes..."
Damn, AIM is sexy today. Too bad I have to go out and hang with Val today. It is a day of joy when I can say I am getting to see museums [ | ] and receive hugs.

"Five good years left, the stretch marks say...
And, by the way, you're up to forty-six today... facial lines."

"A simple case of timing; one thin thread, a thimbleful of lies."

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