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No caffeine today. Just lots of water. I woke up on my own (6AM) today, no alarm.

I feel great. I was sad and pensive; then quit thinking so much, and I cheered up.

Yay! Further renovations are underway.

Doing doing doing, always with the doing. You can lose yourself in work and bills and such, but grown-up real-life realization: That's not always a bad thing.

Congrats to the one or two people on my friends list who go married. You're great people, heroes of mine, if you will. ;)

it's cold out, but it's a good, brisk cold. Not that bitter, stabbing cold that pierces your lungs with the tentative icy shards of winter's onset.

I'm following the sign. I hope I read it right.

Sometimes I wonder, too, how many people "get" how much of what I write. I throw lots of paint up against the wall. Though I'm no Jackson Pollock, I like to think some people appreciate what I do. If not, eh. It's my art.

Writing... or music? And what's my fallback? My hypothetical degree in Psych? English?

I won't fail, to be sure. But just how shall I succeed?
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