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Music... Sleep... Music... Sleep... Music... Food... Music... Sleep...

Yes, I will stay up until I collapse listening to music. Learned as much last night.

So I'm browsing Shiner's site last night, before my fingers and eyes were seized by sleep, and there's no news about the Lula Divinia re-release. In fact, I can't even find the old info on their news page. Maybe DeSoto made them take it down because it's all hypothetical.

Regardless; I was listening to all my Shiner .mp3s, plus Third Gear Scratch, which I'd just downloaded from, and totally re-discovering all the tracks I don't have on CD. Google turned up an amazing site, which enabled me to see someone else's guess at some of the muddier lyrics. Some of them are even "confirmed," which I guess means that Epley's looked at them and said, "Yep."

And I'm thinking... can I wait till March or Bob-even-knows-when it's re-released? And after all that, won't I still want the original for indie-collector value?

What it boils down to is that I want it now, but I only know one place to get it, and they charge $5 shipping. I'm getting to the point where I'd pay it. But I didn't want to. So I spent ninety minutes (enough time to talk to kermix and rajagaj) looking through old IRC logs to find the site that silverfish once suggested. Ninety minutes to find only this. Christ, if I'd awakened an hour later, it would have made me late for work.

Whatever. It's all green to me. Once I get my package from Amazon with my VMU, and then my freaking loans settled down, I'll buy it as a reward. Yeah, that's it. Because incentives work so well with me.

Maybe I'll get lucky and find it in the village. I doubt it. No one who's got it would let it go. Dammit, kids; why'd you have to pass on the sweet DeSoto deal? I'm glad you're back there and all, but man, why couldn't it have been for Splay (my least fave) and not for Lula? Hitit! must've only put out 10,000 or something, and only in the midwest, because it's nowhere to be found. I'm glad it's coming out again, but I can't wait one minute more! I can't wait one minute more! I can't wait— but I'm still waiting.

I learned interesting things last night, which always rocks me. Shiner's apparently fewer degrees of seperation from more of my favorite groups, which was definitely interesting. I didn't really know that Jawbox basically split up into DeSoto Records and Burning Airlines; I didn't know Kim Coletta was running DeSoto, that is. I knew about the Burning Airlines/Jawbox and Shiner connection; even before J. Robbins of BA produced The Egg. I was vaguely familiar with the fact that Shiner had toured with Hum. What I didn't know is that when drummer Tim Dow left, he left them for Ken Andrews of Failure's solo project, ON. I love me some ON, lemme tell you what. So I was like WOWOWOWOWOW!

And of course, Shiner credits much of their popularity/success (they got a deal for the Brooks/Released 7" (which I am currently bidding on) I believe, an EP at any rate, right after a show) to touring with their pals Hum; while Hum owes some of their popularity to touring with the illustrious Toadies. Q.E.D.: Toadies helped Shiner. Yay.

Now Stabbing Westward then work. How the fuck should I know if I'm real without you?

Did they really take the video/lyrics for Shame from Sam Keith's The Maxx? Especially the Mr. Gone fellow on the phone downstairs coming up for her. Her being Julie. Julie from The Maxx? No, some skinny actress chick. But— fuck it. I got to go to work.

"I swear, this time I will not let you down."

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