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I need to stop composing poetry while watching "The Lost Highway" so I can actually pay attention

I hear so much from the world today
Everywhere beauty amidst decay
On the radio, the words of others speak the breeze
I wonder where are my words to share with such ease

I walk the world everywhere I see
Reality speaks to me poetry
I come home and I try to write
White screen engulfs my sight

My songs are just lackluster shit
Without a hook, no tune's a hit
Maybe if my band weren't just me
These words could find their way free

So I take it to the break
The music cools
and I awake...
My eyes, open
And I
I'm just fine.

I could just take a chorus
And repeat it till I'm ho-arse
The same three chords
Could win mad awards

My song will be catchy
My song will be pop
My song will be on the radio
Till you beg it to stop

I am just kidding,
I really am, of course
That kind of life
Would make me hollow from remorse

The words I have to say
Are all so very deep
Inside my head maybe
One day they will creep

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