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Here you go.

McSweetie's test is pretty much random, so I thought I'd save you the trouble of posting your own results. Here are all 24 images you can get as a result. Pick one you like, save it to disk, and keep the answer to yourself. Don't tell anyone! I'm going to try and guess which one you picked. Only not really. I just wanted you to keep it to yourself.

Severely honorable mentions on some of these; there's a LOT of them, and they're pretty obscure. Well, not really. I mean, *I* get them all. They're just fond memories.

Look, Jon! Anne likes monkeys. This is not really monkeys. Therefore Anne will not pick it. Who's that? Baka? Hello, I'm an obscure musical reference. Just like Gimp! This guy is almost Silky Smooth. Looks kinda like Magenta. WHISKY IN TEH JAR OH!!! I feel sleepy. Bring me her pillows. He looks kinda like erinbrasher. The llama ate my hair. I ate Paul's hair. Clobbering your friends page with online tests for HOW long now? Don't MAKE me bust a cap, d00d. HELO MY FUCHAR GIRLFREND~!!!@~! This Canadian once sported a fro that would put Malcolm Jamal-Warner to shame. Hey! That's SHREDDER'S line, punk biotch! I am reminded of Katelyn. Hi, Katelyn! Eat me. I am now the lead singer of the Hippos. But she sure like the bone! Who will be my emo sweater? OH MEGAMANU WA SUGOI!!!!!!! Hey, wait. She's pretty. Actually, I'm Irish, but thanks! And he's Australian...

Thank god I was there to save you from annoying me. Whew, that was a close call.
The only way to fight a meme is not to cite a meme. It's kind of like Satan; you can't fight it by using its own means; you have to use esoteric weapons like love and willful ignorance.

This is something I used to think about when there was a possibility I was going to be a priest. How would you fight Satan? You'd think maybe, just maybe, if I hit him with like, four rocket launchers and a nuke (or at least, as an 8 year old boy, you might), all at the same time, then maybe, just maybe, you could rock his ass into oblivion. But then you read up on the previous attempts, and you see that no, that doesn't even work. Not even with TWO nukes. I mean, Japan's still there.

You'd have to use... love?

Sure, okay. Love the devil. But isn't to love evil to embrace it? I always thought one of the most devastating things you could do to the devil would be to hug him. But to embrace evil; isn't that the same as embracing evil's ways? And embracing evil's ways is tantamount to adopting them. Or am I just being semantic?

Perhaps mortals just aren't meant to fight immortal, incorporeal thoughts/concepts. But I don't believe that for a second. I spend as much time fighting God as I do the devil; they're both the same to me. It's my job as the NeutralChrist. And unlike Christ or the AntiChrist, there are no hordes of followers teeming to readily do my bidding, despite already damn near infinite powers. I don't have followers. I don't have powers. Maybe a little luck. And a lot of friends.

Good friends.

Ooh, and a girl who shows me her stripey socks. Thanks, LoLo! ;)
Now I just need a girl who says it po-lice and ho-tel. Someone hook up a microphone and send me/link me to a .wav of such. I wanna hear it! Please?
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