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Click here to test how much of a sucker you are!

Yes, you are a sucker. No offense!

So what if my Tanden is weak, dude? Peter Frampton, show me the way.

Vedkar: Do you know those oval shaped stickers you sometimes see on cars?
The Robot Cat: Yeah
Vedkar: With like, D or IRL or VT on them?
The Robot Cat: Yep
Vedkar: I want one that says "LOL" so people will know I live on TEH INTARNET
The Robot Cat: What do they mean, anyway? I've mostly ignored them
Vedkar: They;re like countries or states
Vedkar: I think
Vedkar: Hence teh INTARNET ONE
Vedkar: The Ireland (IRL) one inspired that
Vedkar: heh
The Robot Cat: Ahh
The Robot Cat: See, being an Internet retard, I would have assumed "In Real Life"
The Robot Cat: Ha ha!
Vedkar: Me too!
The Robot Cat: I've mostly seen the VT ones, and thought "Vermont"
The Robot Cat: I think I've seen an NH one
The Robot Cat: But D?
Vedkar: One that says LOL and one with OMG
The Robot Cat: Denmark? Duluth?
Vedkar: Deutschland
The Robot Cat: HAH
The Robot Cat: Ahh
The Robot Cat: Putting your country on your car is for SUCKERS

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