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I had the strangest dream the other night...

I feel like I've awoken from one of the strangest dreams ever. It's all the stranger because when I woke up, many of the things I had in the dream had not disappeared. Since the first time I dreamed about having a Dreamcast ( yes, I dream about video game systems! :P ), it's still here after I've awakened. And unlike most dreams, I feel like I've retained some of the progress made mentally in the dream. Maybe that's because it was real.

Sure don't feel like it, though.

I like Goudie. I'm very happy that I heard their single, "Baby, Hello" on WICB in Ithaca, and then later that I found the CD on sale for $2. It hasn't disappointed! And that's the great thing about listening to smaller acts on college radio in the boondocks; when you come back to the city, it's in the bargain bin because no one knows who the heck they are.

Just bought a VMU and another controller (for my brother and some eventual SoulCalibre-ing / possible T&A DOA 2-ing) for $30 w/ shipping on Amazon. Geez, I hope that's a good price for new hardware. I rilly want to save my CT scores, and I got the controller just to save on the shipping cause I'll need it eventually. Good thing I get paid Friday!

"And now my heart beats faster..."

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