The Enemy of the Good (eideteker) wrote,
The Enemy of the Good

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Æther Or: A properly pretentious title for some proper and pretense-laden prosetry.

Lost in the Paleolithic
Roaming the deceased
Theories are prolific
But none will bring surcease

Memories of Meleager
Branded on me they linger
Can you tell why I'm so eager
to barely point the finger?

Fusing two together
No matter, what we've lost
Floating through the heather
A windblown feather tossed

Stringing causal wire
This tightrope that I walk
Nothing gets me higher than
the fire that you talk

Memories of Meleager
A brand on me they linger
Can't you tell why I'm so eager
to squarely point the finger?

Don't go out, darlin
Don't blow out
You're leaving me
with no doubt in mind
You're leaving me behind

sunblind I rewind through the years so many fears I've defined that only live to remind
in my mind, the past creeps up; it's right behind


Burned into me...

Can't you see?

Oh, can't you please?

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