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Know what you want? Now to find out just what you'll be settling for...

"Repeat, times ten, you're happy again sinking where you lay."
What's in a name? I've noted that the thing to do nowadays is to name yourself princessXbunnyXdjxX. Hmm... usually, my first instinct is to run from those people. Assuming they are actually female and not lying, there's still several flags they've thrown up. The first one is cutesy. Anyone with angel, bunny, twinkle, or anything like that gets a large red flag thrown into their file. Penalty for excessive cutesyness. This is someone who is going to want to decorate the house in pink and put fuzzy covers on the toilet.



Not to mention that most of these girls are using cutesy nicks to cover up that they don't feel very cute at all. Now whether they are or not, I've come to find, is irrelevant. It's not that hard, in the end scheme of things, to keep a decent sense of self/identity; not too down, not too inflated. Hey, you're not bad. And most of you aren't.

What really throws a flag in the file is "princess." Anything to do with princess, entitlement, or other indications that she may be from New Jersey; there's a stamp especially for those chicks. Anything that says "Daddy buys me stuff." Those girls will never be satisfied, because they think they deserve everything, right? There's a reason humility is a virtue.

And the x's? The x's are the new numbers of the mp3 age. Can't get your desired AOL name? Put ASCII in it! And the DJ thing; anything that says raver puts a glo-in-the-dark mark on the file. Ravers are notorious for putting anything in their bodies, and my girl should only want to put one thing in her body. Know what I'm sayin?

But then, hey, I'm Dark Smile. I have my reasons for that, though. And I'll use my custom Powerpimp icon, too. I don't have one of those scary-ass dolls of myself with washboard abs; sorry.

"These days have got so much explaining to do..."
Someone (a very yay! someone) asked last night about Burning Airlines playing in NYC so soon after the disaster. To be honest, until I saw someone suggest that they needed a better name while looking up concert reviews two weeks ago, the idea hadn't crossed my mind. After all, those planes weren't burning until they hit the towers, and after they hit, they were no longer planes. The Burning Airlines logo has always been a flaming plane streaking through the air. *shrug* The connection didn't suggest itself to me, for whatever reason.

I certainly don't feel that the show should be cancelled, or that the band should be forced to change its name. The former would impede my concert-going freedom, and the latter impedes the band's freedom of expression. I mean, you choose a name like BA knowing full well that the next plane that goes down will draw attention to you. I don't think that letting the terrorists continue to win moral victories ( a la deleting the Twin Towers from all movies, etc. ) is the way to live as Americans. We need to keep on rocking, and rocking together.

If I was in a band right now, we'd fly out there in our jet and set up our amps, and just fucking rock the Casbah. Our music's wide appeal would charm the fanaticism right out of everyone's hearts, uniting the world to worship us instead of some fake-ass dieties.

"I cut the maps up to cheat distance..."
Yes, I did dream of you last night. And no, I didn't get to say anything. My mom woke me up just as I was about to.

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