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Counterpoint: to restore the metaphor

"A little voice inside my head said:
'Don't look back you can never look back.'"

This song sounds so desolate. It's an Armageddon song for me; one of those songs you'd listen to in the 80's and think would sound just perfect if you were to be walking alone down a once-crowded street after a nuclear holocaust. This song sends me deep inside, to a place where no one else is. It's a place where objectivism doesn't exist; the subjective equals the objective, because there is no one else. It's the place inside where other people's motivations live independently of reality; where you know why they did what they did and it's because you think they did it for that reason.

It's a place that's hard to explain, so I'll stop now. Just stick with Don Henley riding in the back of a truck down empty sepia streets.

Oh, and I was the boy on the drum kit, in my mind. Maybe I still am. Why was he so angry? Why is anyone?

Hmm... I may need to brood a bit. If you'd like to come rescue me, that'd be absolutely darling. I'll be okay, though, and if not, meh. No biggie. I'm wondering if okay even exists.

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