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Capitalism report, and others.

Got paid.

Things I need this week:
  • tape recorder. don't lose this one. Got it.
  • I can pick up the tapes left over from the last two (lost and stolen, respectively) at my grandma's Sunday, before the Burning Airlines concert.
  • Need to hit e-bay to see if I can find a cheap copy of the Philosopher's Stone. Yes, I want to read the original British edition, hopefully before I'm invited to see the Harry Potter movie.
  • Checks should be coming in... bills to pay. Should give some cash to my Grammy on Sunday for our unsettled phone bill, whether or not it was my fault. Plus, I may need tickets for the bus to go up to Cornell... hope I hear about that soon.

    Things to do soon:
  • More cleaning up around here. Should probably cut my hair Sunday, too. Need a clean floor for that, to enable spreading out of hair-catching towels.
  • Work on links portal for my still-fledgling web domain, so I don't have to complain about not having bookmarks. It will be white background, small grey and black link text, with orange active links, a la this damn album I'm hooked on.
  • Move more mundane journal entries like this one and 20 hrs. over to diaryland, so that I can still have them all written out, but don't need to subject you people to my less literary moments.
  • Ammend amazon wish list. Need things like Taxi Driver on there, and Mario Kart/Castlevania for GBA. I've decided to postpone buying them, as I'm still well in the middle of the first of the Zelda games I bought.
  • Work on Shiner lyrical transcription.

    Things not to be forgotten:
  • Practice drumming like Gerkin more. It is cool to have arms that look like DeNiro's in that scene in Taxi Driver where he's holding his clenched fist over open flame.
  • Get the rest of my body into shape as decent as that. Exercise more, be anorexic less. Need to come up with good exercises for my body/living space/free time.
  • Martial arts. baka keeps pushing for aikido. Note to look for Aikido places in the area.
  • Someone needs to combine circlek's 80's pic of the day and robont's boobie pic of the day to form the 80's boobies of the day.
  • Still need hugs, backrubs.
  • Coloring. I found all these crayons from when I was 4. They'll make great heirlooms for my kids some day (one cigar box for either of them), but for now, they still have some use left in them for me. Thanks to Nemo for putting the idea in my BRAINS!@%!
  • Move lj archive over to website. May require some XML lessons.

    Things to marvel at:
  • I'm pretty cool, according to some people. Some of those people are even chicks. Cute ones, too. (Even though I once looked like this.)
  • I am slowly stacking up to my heroes. My heroes are real people for that reason... they are acheivable goals, idols that won't break me.
  • I really know how to use words sometimes.

    Things to marvel at OTHER than myself:
  • Darkness... especially showering in low light, door open, music loud.
  • The way a single sound can carry.
  • Friends... good ones. New ones, too; ones you hope to learn more about.


    Whoo! Mom brought me home a milk crate for my LPs. Sweet.
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