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Oh, right.

As I am currently remarking in a comment to the stunningly random backally, yesterday was my first livejournal anniversary. I coincidentally passed 4,000 comments posted. Of course, lj went down at midnight, right before I was going to go to bed, so I couldn't access my stats page to post them, but:

Journal entries: 1,154

Comments: Posted: 4,006 - Received: 2,926

If we do the math, and livejournal remains at least as happening a place, then compensating for growth (like for the first month, Nemo and Tamara were my only friends, and then I started getting other people into it and now I have three quarter-hundred readers, supposedly), we should be able to estimate my stats for next year.

I'm not going to be Scott and plot any graphs (I'm way too lazy, but I do have the data), but lemme see some things.

  • 96 entries a month. That number used to be around 75, then it went up to damn near a hundred, but I think it's stabilizing. I average three posts a day, actually, even less recently, as I've been compressing things gimp-style, a la a "traditional" blog.

  • I hate the term "blog." It sounds so blaaaaaahg.

  • My comments received have been picking up. According to my calculations, they should catch up to comments posted in seven years, allowing for the inflation of both my friends and friends of, as well as all those lovely people who read but don't sacrifice their friends page by adding me. I can be a wordy biznatch.

  • My record for posts in a day was 20, on Sept. 11th.

  • My longest hand-typed entry was, I think, 17k. I have four times exceeded the size limit on livejournal entries, with the Drebbchat marathon. You might not want to click those links while running anything important.

  • The longest posting streak was 77 days; interrupted by last Tuesday, as chronicled in the "20 hrs." entry made Wed. morning. The longest streak of non-posts was 3, and that happened thrice. I'm not going to break those three periods down by the minute though. Save that for the five year anniversary, when my permanent account will have paid for itself.

  • I believe the most comments I've received were the 45 I received when I posted my "Forty-six & Two friends" entry.

  • I've made only about a dozen protected posts, and five or less private entries. The latter were basically to do lists.

    I would ask that if you have any comments on any of the entries I link in this post, that you kindly make them in this post, A. to preserve continuity, and B) to make it easier to find them rather than going back through the calendar archives.

    Uh, I'm outta things to point out, so just go read my interests if you're bored. They're pretty interesting, being interests and all.

    Oh, Eudora stat; I've also received about 16 MB of comment e-mail.
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