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You win.

Maybe it's just because I'd already heard all the jokes from friends who couldn't stop reciting movie lines.

Maybe it's because racial humor is nothing new or interesting to me.

Maybe it's just because I don't like "everyone's favorite" anything.

Maybe it's because of the brilliant and subtle Hitchcock parodies that don't stop coming.

Maybe it's the Madeline Kahn.

Mmm... Madeline Kahn.

Maybe it's because it just feels right.

Mmm... Madeline Kahn.

Maybe the humor is just intelligent enough; knows when to be completely overblown and knows when to whisper things in your ear that make you giggle.

Maybe it's because I've only seen the other one once, and not under ideal conditions (ie when I was receptive, or could hear well).

Everyone's favorite Mel Brooks movie, Blazing Saddles, is not my favorite. High Anxiety is. It's so funny. It really is. I'm glad it's on TV like all the time.

Like now.

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