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Chosen for his skill at breakneck speed.

"Waiting on his egg."
I came up with the perfect costume idea at 8AM this morning. I could grow a goatee and go as my own evil twin. Except, I can't grow a goatee, and certainly not in thirty minutes. I was instead my twin from an alternate, Scottish dimension for a bit, but basically I'm tired from not sleeping since Sunday. I consider only two hours a nap. I've had two or three of those. I could go for one right now.

I could go for...
I could go for a lot of things right now. My face needs to decide if it wants hair or not. This babyface crap would be fine if I didn't have any hair to shave. This halfmeasures stuff is just crap. I'm still thinking about getting depilated... FOREVER.

"What's the cat's name? Annoying Customer."
I used that line on Monday. I should use it again today. And every day. Always always always the people who complain loudest are the most unprepared and disorganized. Thank you, Mr. Elian, for being polite, kind, even friendly, though we talk only through the drive-up. Those little envelopes you send your transactions in are just darling. You also look a little like John DeLancie, but with a different hairline.

"And he can't stop laughing..."
I may be getting just a bit snotty/snippy to customers (the unprepared ones, at least), but the minute I was out the door, I was laughing. I really don't care... I'm just reflecting back at them what they offer me.

"There is one left..."
One thing is left to talk about. If you can't guess, The Egg is shaping up to be a really good album. I'm now listening to it on infinite repeat, as I probably will be for a week straight or so. Sometimes I don't even turn it off when I lay down to sleep nap. All the quotes save the one from Clerks are derived from the title track. Andalusia and The Simple Truth are also early favorites; I'm still learning the names of the other tunes and the tunes that go with the names.

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