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20hrs in the life of Dark.

5 AM: Wake up. 2 or three times; fully awake by 5:30.

6:20 AM: Catch bus. Ride bus for a refreshingly short 40 min to the PABT.

7 AM: PABT. Catch bus to Wayne at 10 after.

8:21: Arrive in Wayne, way too fucking early. Trainer politely but awkwardly asks if I wouldn't mind not being there just yet. I ask, "Do you mean you're still setting up and would like me to come back?" He agrees.

8:50: Go back upstairs from break room. Take the first seat for teller referral class.

9:20 AM: 9AM class actually starts. Introductions are made, and I find out I'm supposed to have about 6 mos. of teller experience. Whoops. Oh well, just another chance for me to shine by just being competent. My manager already said I'm as good as someone who's been there 6 mos., so maybe that's why he signed me up for the program.

10:45: Break. Supposed to be 15 min, stretches to 30 because of coworkers who can't/don't tell time. I start to get antsy, as I see that the meeting is scheduled to last until 5:30, causing me to miss the 5:06 bus I'd need to catch to make the earlier movie.

12:45: Lunch. I express my concerns to the instructor, who, despite being a very by-the-books type, obviously also wants to get out early. I do not, of course, tell him about the movies. Then went down to the branch to get change for the bus. Fellow trainee who now works in that branch who sought possible adulterous liasons is all eyes (and mouth, oh GOD her mouth >.< ) further supporting initial and all subsequent theories.

1 PM: Nap taken in comandeered conference room with lights off and Hum on [headphones, softly]. Awoken violently several times by coughing fits. Ugh. Sinuses have started to dry, however.

1:45: Report back to class. Blah blah blahing until

3:30: Break. Trainer tells me not to worry about the bus. I thank him. Break ends, more blah blahing. I reprazent, as I have been, all day.

4:48 PM: Class adjourns. I report to the bus stop.

5:06: No bus.

5:20 PM: Bus, finally. Board and proceed to sleep.

5:50: Wake. See that we are nowhere near Lincoln tunnel even though there is no traffic to slow us down. Presume bus driver incompetence.

6:06 PM: ETA in PABT. Still not at the tunnel.

6:20: Reach the tunnel. Realize making Taxi Driver will not happen. Begin pondering "Rock Star."

6:21: Conclude pondering. I wanna see Taxi Driver, dammit.

6:33: Enter tunnel.

6:40: Reach state line. Realize both movies now hopeless for the first showing. Impatiently press "stop request" tape strip to gently chide suspected driver incompetence; to also imply I would like to get out as it would be faster to walk.

6:47: Emerge from tunnel. Promptly stop moving altogether. 10 min pass. Man approaches driver, inquires as to general dilly-o. Driver incompetence substantiated.

6:58: I rise, seconding the man's insistence that we be let off here. As I need to go to 34th St., only two and two blocks over, it would be more convenient for me to debark immediately. Driver attempts to steer towards sidewalk to debark irate passengers; proves suspected incompetence. Finally, we debark, all but in the middle of an intersection (which is thank fully not moving due to this cross traffic).

7:11: Arrive at the large line outside the theater, having passed several buses who I recalled passing us on the way into the tunnel; laugh mockingly at standstill traffic. At theater, ask attractive blonde if this is the right line. She confirms. Moments later, two attractive "art school" chicks approach me and inquire likewise. Conversation struck up, then sustained by another newcomer to the line. Newcomer is attractive "geeky" redheaded girl reminiscent of the finest qualities of Alison and Katie Whitman. Pause to remember Katie fondly. Ahh...

7:14 PM: Realize she is apparently alone, and conversational. Art school chick #1 leaves #2, who I can only think of as "Joanne Whorley" even though I have no clue who JW is, to check on the situation. ASC#2 also friendly, until friends return (ASC#1 brings found friend ASC#3). ASC circle is complete; they detach from myself and redhead's conversation.

7:16: See Ilam (Elam?) from Cornell OSC. Unable to remember his name in time, or yell (no voice, still), or leave line to get his attn. Oh, well.

7:22: Redhead mentions missing boyfriend. D'oh. ASCs have all made passing reference to respective bfs, and bf of initial contact, cute blonde, shows up. Realize that cute chicks will only want to talk to me if they have bfs. Slight disheartening. Any tearing due to contact lens irritation, though. Sink into headphone music, currently Heart's Dreamboat Annie.

7:28: Realize Katie Whitman had a bf, and that never stopped me from flirting crazily/dorkily crushing/walking her home from drama every week. Release general sigh about cute older chicks. Realize bringing Game Boy may have been a bad idea, for maturity points. Also realize I don't care. Reaffirm mentally that any chick that digs me will not only have to put up with youthful nature, but also dig me for it. Conversation reprised with redhead in time for her bf to show up. ASCs also request a consultation with my copy of the schedule, which I give them, no longer needing two copies. Briefly muse that I could have written my phone number on it to give them a laugh.

7:45: Conversation begins to get very earnest with redhead. Many topics covered; swooniness resisted. Probes as to my current lifestyle yield lies. I fib that I am a Sales Representative for my bank. Hee. She probes deeper, inquiring about this and that. I hold my own, and manage to bullshit her rather successfully. Note to myself for purposes of this log that it would be interesting for her to stumble over it. Or Katie Whitman for that matter. Wonder idly while redhead talks if Katie realized I had a huge crush on her. Ponder that the older ladies in the group probably did notice and thought it all kinds of cute.

8 PM: Conversation topic successfully changed to something factual. Done rather skillfully. Remains fervent and robust, with plenty of back and forth. Wonder at boyfriend's silence. Hope he is too busy playing with his new Palm to be jealous or otherwise hostile.

8:11: Admitted to lobby. Final choices made by all parties. Inquire as to redhead & bf's movie selection, as Taxi Driver was discussed. Find out that they are going to see When Harry Met Sally. Told I should see it when it is revealed I have not. Informed her that I will see it with a chick. As I am alone tonight, I tell her, I will see a loner movie. Then go home and clean my guns. She laughs, and I bid her farewell... FOREVER. Leave to get food, as have eaten nothing since Pop Tarts for breakfast Monday morning. Walk past ASCs several times in our respective wanderings. Ponder making joke of some sort, decide it not worth the effort.

8:25: Find pizza place. Pepperoni, one slice. ARR UMM NUMM NUMM. Realize not eating for two days means no self-control. Unable to stop cramming pizza into mouth until choking virtually occurs. Owner makes jokes as to possible (Columbian) mafia connections, given my attire. Smiling, tell him no, I'm not Columbian. Inform him upon his request that I am from Missouri. He laughs, almost not believing, I guess.

8:30: I walk around the MSG area; find the source of spotlights. Talk to driver of spotlight truck briefly. 4000W bulbs, and yes, they do get very hot. And yes, though he is advertising for the Knicks currently, he is a contractor and rents his truck/services out.

8:40: Circle the movie theater, laughing smugly at those still waiting for tickets.

8:50: Go in, basically tired of walking. Find theater, sit down.

9:25: Watch movie, etc. Realize that it is the Greatest Story Ever Told, and then ponder idly that there may already be a movie with that title. A lesser movie, to be sure. Remember so many times why I liked the movie. Also gain different perspective; audience was much more inclined/willing to laugh at funny moments. Made it a different movie, well worth the price of free.

11:15PM: Get out of movie, head to PABT. Realize Manhattan is still my island; all traffic lights respond to command.

11:23: Reach PABT through seldom-used entrance. Find where they put the kinetic sculpture. Head up to ticket machines and gate.

11:28: Arrive at gate to see no 11:30 bus. Check schedule to see that bus actually scheduled for 11:25. Marvel that when it's inconvenient for me, NJT can be on time. Settle in to wait for 12:25.

12:25 AM: Board bus. Play Oracle of Seasons on trip; manage to upgrade shield, get un-stuck in 6th dungeon, and find magic boomerang. Express anger that sword is still shitty level-1 wooden sword; but continue to refuse gameFAQs help.

12:55: Arrive at bus stop. Walk to top of hill, enter apartment. Log on to see:

[01:10:42] <Dark> HA
[01:10:43] <Dark> OMG
[01:10:45] <Dark> HA HA HA
[01:10:48] <Dark> FU ALL
[01:10:59] <Spendocrat> ?
[01:11:02] <Dark> I was out of my house from 6AM till 1AM and lj was DOWN
[01:11:04] <Dark> ha ha ha ha ha ha
[01:11:09] <Psyli> ...
[01:11:15] <Dark> OMG I thought I was gonna have 150 posts to catch up on
[01:11:18] <Dark> This rocks so hard

1:20: Begin composing lj post with full knowledge of length, as well as the amt of time until work in the morning. Decision to follow Travis Bickle style journaling finalized.

2:22 AM: Hit post button.

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