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The fucking boring shit.

Alarm set. 5AM, I rise. 6:10 bus into the PABT in NYC. Then I catch the next bus out to Wayne, crossing the Lincoln tunnel morning rush TWICE. I have to get to Wayne by 9.

Blah blah blah training for sales all day. Then take the bus back to the PABT. But fuck it; if I'm going into the city, I should fucking GO INTO THE CITY. So I'm going to head to the free movies, probably to see Taxi Driver, or possibly Rock Star, only because I haven't seen it. I'll get home about 16 or so hours after I left. What could be better?

I dunno if anyone wants to come with and meet me at the theater at 6:30, but if you do, you'll get to see me all swanked out from work, and I know how some of you love to see me swankified.

You know what? I think I'll see both. Taxi Driver, then come back for Rock Star.

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