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Rattling of my tail

I was done with anthrax... I've even banned mention of it in the comments section of my journal. But something in circlek's journal has made me think of something else very clever and very damning.

Anthrax is a sheep disease. The only reason you have to fear anthrax is if you are a sheep. Do not be a sheep. The aim of terrorism is to make you afraid while exacting relatively few casualties. This is not guerilla warfare, where the aim of several thousands of small attacks is huge casualties. There is a difference.

Yes, you should be aware of anthrax. Yes, it would suck if you got it. But hey, you're going to die sometime! As far as this reporter's concerned, it's still better to die on your feet than live on your knees.

If you are scared; if you are a little sheep; if you are forwarding cute little e-mails about how we're all going to die on Halloween, your life is worth less to me than any of the terrorists. Without you, they would have very little power at all.

Editor's note: I was going to close comments from this post, but I will leave them open. If I feel I don't like the discussion (should there be any) in any way; if it is levitous or jingoistic or otherwise childish, I will close it. I won't ban anyone without a warning, though. I'm pretty open, usually, but this has just gotten so STUPID that I felt a need to say something.

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