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Your name of Jerkface establishes you as a very simple person, but straightforward and outgoing. You like to tell people about yourself, but you don't know yourself very well. You like to rely on online tests to tell you things about yourself in a very general way, because if you heard the truth, you'd realize how worthless and insipid you are. You have a desire for creative and artistic expression, but no talent. Even if you did have talent, you're so afraid of failure you'd never explore it. So basically life is wasted on you, aside from your ability to function as a meager cog in the economic machinery, pushing pieces of paper and corporate electrons around. You meet new people easily, but they all soon realize how droll you are because of the way you refuse to put yourself out there for people to see the real you. Rightly so, because from what we can tell about you, your "friends" aren't really trustworthy. They only keep you around so that they will feel less freakish and so that they have some false validation that they are not as boring and droll as you are.

Your sinuses are prone to clogging, your nose is running, and you can expect to have a bowel movement in the next forty-five minutes.

WAU! That is so true! Speaking of which, I need to hit the can.

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