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Pimp Advanced

Well, punk, are you?

That's right, I went out and bought a Game Boy Advance. As you can see below from when I tried to scan a screenshot, it's Arctic White:

It might as well be off.

I managed to scan a few really crummy screenshots:

I'll tell you what, Stumpy!

I'll tell you what's to be done, Stumpy. Some SERIOUS PIMPIN'.

On the Game Boy Advance? Pimping? How, you ask. Well, I don't know, but I want this game:

Battery powered! For her pleasure. And hers.

That scan?

Uh huhhuh huh

It's a large knife going through some dude's chest, and the dude is wearing a Metallica t-shirt. That shirt should probably say StainD, not Metallica. But hey, let's not point fingers. No one band killed metal. David Lee Roth helped, though.
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