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Sometimes, when you can't find the words...

I had several interesting conversations on AIM last night. Unfortunately, they were all at the same time, so I was unable devote my attention to any of them fully. Plus, I had a comment thang goin on with a few people. And IRC. Still, I'm reminded just how amazing the entire spectrum of my friends is. A real testament to my ability to read people; the people I choose as my friends tend to prove themselves in the end, and along the way as well. Or maybe I'm just really good at interacting with other people. Either way, I get an ego boost!

Sometimes, when you can't find the words to tell someone something, you can find the space between the words.

I hope the coupons from 9mm come. I'm buying a Game Boy Advance (arctic) this afternoon, in all likelihood. And the Zelda games. Mmm... Link.

Link is my olympic hero.

Feedback on the GBA? Games to get/avoid? Kommentzen!

There's a poll for you, circlek. Though I'm sure it's been done: koo-pon or cue-pon?

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