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I'm tired of it to, but I wanted to post some thoughts on the matter.

[20:21:12] <Adam> Dear News, SHUT UP ABOUT ANTRHAX.
[20:21:17] <Adam> Unless you have ACTUAL NEWS.
[20:22:21] <Adam> Some airline wasn't offering NOT DAIRY CREAMER with coffee because passengers were afraid it might be ANTHRAX POWDER?!?
[20:23:27] <ScientistNo2> God god
[20:23:40] <ScientistNo2> there should be another o in there somewhere
[20:25:09] <nemo> People are afraid of creamer and flour and powdered sugar and dust.. this is fucking ridiculous
[20:25:19] <ScientistNo2> Ha
[20:25:25] <ScientistNo2> Just die and get it over with
[20:25:38] <ScientistNo2> Think of it as a game.
[20:25:46] <ScientistNo2> Will you be among the 1% that are immune?
[20:25:48] <nemo> Anthrax is treatable!
[20:25:58] <ScientistNo2> People like to gamble; this is your greatest bet yet.
[20:26:12] * Chris remembers Rat Race
[20:26:15] <Adam> nemo: Well, it also has a very high fatality rate.
[20:26:19] <Hamusutaa> Man, if you're going to conduct bio-warfare, at least choose something that _doesn't deprive me of my coffee_!
[20:26:44] * Hamusutaa shakes his fist in the general eastern direction.
[20:26:46] <nemo> Well, I'm not worried. I'm not working for the media, and I'm not important in the grand scheme of things
[20:26:47] <ScientistNo2> Andy: HA!
[20:26:59] <nemo> So I'm going to go roll around in powdered sugar and flour
[20:27:00] <ScientistNo2> I'm a bank teller
[20:27:02] <nemo> And live my life
[20:27:08] <ScientistNo2> I haven't licked any envelopes
[20:27:15] <Adam> nemo: Whoa! Drip some lemon on yourself and roll into a custard after that.
[20:27:18] * Chris now remembers the opening scene of Hard Boiled
[20:27:22] <ScientistNo2> But if someone wanted to distribute a disease, give it to me
[20:27:27] <ScientistNo2> I handle everyone's money
[20:27:45] <Hamusutaa> They're gonna start opening up every single envelope and package here at work... inspect them, then reseal them with a sticker to let you know they're "safe". "Don't worry, we'll respect your privacy."
[20:27:46] <ScientistNo2> And I live very close to the city
[20:28:36] <nemo> Well, terrorists and such aren't windup toys that are going to keep walking into the wall when you put it up
[20:28:50] <ScientistNo2> Right
[20:28:51] <ScientistNo2> Geez
[20:28:57] <Chris> Yeah, and besides, if they were, we'd just stop winding them!
[20:29:01] <nemo> I think the US is aware enough about Anthrax now that they would probably use something else
[20:29:04] <ScientistNo2> If you catch one terrorist attack, the next won't be done the same way
[20:29:17] <Hamusutaa> "Our new versions are battery-powered!"
[20:29:19] <ScientistNo2> No one's crashing planes into buildings now; we expect that.
[20:29:41] <ScientistNo2> The point is to keep attacking using DIFFERENT methods if you're a terrorist
[20:29:43] <Hamusutaa> although i'd still be very afraid to travel on Thanksgiving
[20:30:03] <ScientistNo2> Why?
[20:30:06] <nemo> They were so successful because they did something no one expected
[20:30:14] <Hamusutaa> Truth be told, that's just an excuse for me to sit on my butt all weekend
[20:30:23] <ScientistNo2> Ah
[20:30:25] <ScientistNo2> Good.
[20:30:49] <nemo> People are cattle, easily spooked into a stampede
[20:30:56] <Adam> I wish I could sit on my butt for Halloween and New Years Eve
[20:31:24] <nemo> On the news, some dinky town in Indiana no one had ever heard of was doing all these security measures and blah blah
[20:32:05] <ScientistNo2> Congratulations
[20:32:07] <nemo> I don't know. People are crazy
[20:32:13] <ScientistNo2> The terrorists are winning, people.
[20:32:17] <nemo> Exactly
[20:32:22] <nemo> People are afraid
[20:32:27] <ScientistNo2> They're not caller "killerers"
[20:32:34] <ScientistNo2> They spread TERROR
[20:32:46] <ScientistNo2> through a relatively low number of casualties
[20:32:56] <Hamusutaa> News Flash! All this "security" is just window dressing! A fake cure! If a terrorist really wanted to do damage, a neighborhood watch isn't gonna stop him
[20:32:59] <nemo> I really like powdered sugar on my donuts :\
[20:33:20] <ScientistNo2> I think maybe I would like to sue if I can't get powdered sugar
[20:33:51] <Hamusutaa> Every single time some stupid decision like this is made... our American way of life is compromised. _This is exactly what the terrorists want_.
[20:34:03] <nemo> If they had wanted the entire US to get Anthrax, we'd all have it by now
[20:34:21] <Hamusutaa> Or at least a larger portion than ten people
[20:34:41] <Hamusutaa> Of course, now that plan's been used. The next plan will be something completely different.
[20:34:53] <ScientistNo2> That's what I just said.
[20:35:23] <nemo> Hasn't anyone even noticed that all these people were related to the media? I don't think a hairdresser in Podunk, Mississippi has to worry about the powdered creamer in her coffee
[20:35:30] <ScientistNo2> Yup
[20:35:43] <Adam> I want coffee.
[20:35:51] <Hamusutaa> logic and reason are not strong points of the average american cattle-citizen
[20:36:02] <nemo> Hell.. the media's doing a better job than the terrorists
[20:36:19] <ScientistNo2> Yeah
[20:36:31] <nemo> Maybe that's why they're being targeted.. "Stop stealing our shtick!"
[20:36:40] <Hamusutaa> Yeah, whatever happened to "Due to national security, you cannot air this story"?
[20:36:45] <Adam> The Alderwood Mall cancelled their child halloween thingy due to security.
[20:36:50] <nemo> It's all just ridiculous
[20:37:18] <nemo> I ate a sugared donut and flew, and I didn't die. And I wouldn't care if I had
[20:37:25] <nemo> Because I'd be dead
[20:37:41] <nemo> Mm.. donut
[20:37:57] <smanda> Ok
[20:37:58] <Adam> Mmm.. dnout.

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