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Making friends and breaking amends

There's a lot of cool people I feel like befriending in my communites, but I'm not sure. People like nottoneedyou and jaynie seem cool, and not just cause they're mathrockin' kiddies. Then there's opiummmm, who I've always thought was amazingly cool but never added for fear of seeming fanboyish. If I add them, and then later delete, will they "hate" me?

Wait, I thought I didn't care.

Meh, to some people's journals, I just have nothing worth contributing. Irene doesn't hate me; hey, I'm barely a blip, right? Where's the inflated sense of self-worth coming from?

What do I care? I know a girl who makes me shine. But no, that's not why I feel so good.

Feeling love for yourself really can make you see the love in others.

Then again, I wonder who reads my journal that isn't on my friends list. They emerge from the cracks whenever I throw up a poll; that's for sure. Sound off in the comments if I'm talking about you.
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