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t h o u g h t c o m p r e s s i o n

I have three or four hours at work to think, and then only 45 min at home (minus walking time) to express them all. I'm going to start going back and editing entries each day to add what I forgot in my rush. Just an FYI to those of you with crowded friends pages... if you do like to read my journal, you'll have to keep an eye out for me at the end of the day; I may not be where you left me.

It's odd, at least, to me, to think how discovering emo has helped, or at least coexisted, with my increased sense of self-identity. This is all despite the fact that I am not emo any more than this is not a pipe. (What's the name of the French guy who did that painting?)

I'm not emo. I'm not acting emo. I know what emo is, and I listen to the music. I'm starting to feel at home in myself. All of these things are independent but act together to create the perfect concert of one imperfect human being in a web of billions.

It's all green to me.

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