The Enemy of the Good (eideteker) wrote,
The Enemy of the Good

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No friend to myself

I am the voice that whispers in my ear
in tranquil moments that danger is near

There's a song in there, maybe.

Y'all are like, nooooooo! not ANOTHER one! (=

This was spawned by a line of thought:
Think for just a moment that all the people IM'ing you are doing it for a reason. Whether they actually enjoy your company or just expect to get something from you; either way, they want something from you. That means you have something worthwhile to give, at least in their minds. A little measure of self-worth from your own damn psyche.
We need to remind ourselves the obvious.

And yes, I lecture myself in my head. No, it's not my mother's voice or my father's (though I know I outwardly sound like my father these days), whatever that says about my upbringing. I think it says a lot; that I am my own moral compass, and I always point True North.

The moral? Don't think, "What do these people want from me?!!" Think: "Hey, these people WANT something from me."

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