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"I'm a Ripping Friend! I can burst anywhere I want."

  • X-men: Evolution had an interesting development today. They gave Jean Grey some kind of social anxiety disorder. It's perfect. You know how sometimes you can't shake the feeling that people are talking about you? Well, a telepath can hear everything everyone is thinking... especially if it's about them. So suddenly, while delivering a speech to her class, she is overwhelmed by the thoughts of everyone in the auditorium which are focused on her. She can't concentrate and starts to feel faint. And the kicker is that they didn't make it the product of some foreign influence. It wasn't some other mutant exerting mind control! It was a natural growing pain caused by the manifestation of her powers. So wait, you mean that mutants can have problems, too? It's not all just evil enemies making their otherwise perfect lives hell?

  • I don't "get" the Ripping Friends. It resembles Ren & Stimpy, loosely, but I remember R&S being funny, and not by relying on so much ass humor. I mean, it's just an ass. Now a yummy ice cream bar, THAT is genius.

    An all new episode of Yu-Gi-Oh!?. It better be! There have only been two episodes so far. Not that I care because...

  • Yu-Gi-Oh! is the worst cartoon ever. It's like, bad anime done seriously. We're talking anime that doesn't make fun of itself outright, the way Pokèmon does. This is like anime made by Jesse (Hsu of Hsu and Chen from Dickson); by people largely without a sense of humor or sarcasm. People who think that Pokèmon is serious anime. You and I, we can tell that the people that make Pokèmon realize it's just a joke to sell toys. Not these people. You can tell by how melodramatic these kids are about a card game. And this is BEFORE they know it's "for real." Just as the Ripping Friends tries too hard to laugh at itself all the time, Yu needs to laugh at all. Even the comic relief characters are overly serious and too soulful too soon.
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