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Watching "Bedazzled"

[23:03:53] <Dark> Okay, so maybe it's sad
[23:04:11] <Dark> But I would probably throw a woman out of bed for calling the hypothalamus the "primitive brain"
[23:04:23] <sobriquet> hehe
[23:04:30] <sobriquet> what a weird ass place to pick up a conversation

I like how when he asks to be made intelligent and witty (and loveable), the devil makes him gay.

From m00t:

[23:01:13] <magenta> Heh. Even if they meant to say 'owns' I don't know how that's supposed to work without sounding all Quakeish
[23:01:37] <Dark> That's why it's photoshopped.
[23:01:38] <magenta> or is that a photoshop job? the skript kiddies are getting pretty good at those manipulations.
[23:01:49] <magenta> ah
[23:02:08] <Dark> :>

[23:05:23] <Adam|TV> pwns?
[23:05:23] <Adam|TV> WTF?
[23:05:33] <sobriquet> i don't even know what that is a misprint of
[23:05:37] <smanda|lesshere> owns
[23:05:57] <Adam|TV> PWNS?!?
[23:06:05] <sobriquet> that's horrible
[23:06:12] <spendocrat> from the l33t shakespear
[23:06:14] <sobriquet> how do you miss a typo in the freaking headline?!!?
[23:06:25] <Spendocrat> sob, with photoshop, everything is possible :)
[23:06:41] <sobriquet> oh
[23:06:42] <magenta> sobriquet: apparently it's a photoshop job, since even if it weren't misspelled, wtf is "owns" supposed to mean in that context except as a quake reference? :)
[23:08:14] * Dark watches Magenta's explanation to sobriquet very carefully.
[23:08:36] <magenta> eh?
[23:08:42] <Dark> Nothing. :)

So now she knows what she's talking about? Suuuuure. ;)

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