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We can be heroes, pt. 1001001

I found this yesterday... one of the first comics I ever bought.

The man himself

I've always liked the bad guys... when it turned out that they weren't evil so much as independent. Destro's a man of honor, as he shows himself in this issue. Plus, he's a badass. An incomparable badass.

I think I can safely add him to my list of childhood heroes, along with David Byrne and Larvell "Motormouth" Jones... that is, if I want to be eclectic.


Who the fuck?

Who is this? I don't remember him at all. What were his powers?

I think it's kinda sad the way they make any person born with physical abnormalities (a mutant) into a superpowered person. Meanwhile, in real life, what do those with real genetic abnormalities get? Gee, Corky Thatcher, your mutant power is mongolism. Use it responsibly, now!

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