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Last night's ICQ

I've been posting a lot of depressing shit lately, so here's something sweet from last night's ICQ logs with my big Sis Nemo!

Nemo: Ahh and there he goes.. dreamboat! Hee hee! I feel all giggley
N@: I hope I make Becca feel the same way sometimes! I think I do! She feels special a lot, at least!
Nemo: That's good! I don't see how a girl could *not* feel special with you!
N@: Neither do I! I'm like the cool dress you find in the bargain basement... no one can believe that I haven't been taken, so everyone suspects there's something off about me, but when someone finds me and picks me up, she feels like she's just found gold.
Nemo: And everyone else goes "Oh! That's such an AMAZING dress!" And they're all jealous and stuff ;D
N@: Tee hee... *blush*

Full of myself much?
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