The Enemy of the Good (eideteker) wrote,
The Enemy of the Good

Oh, so you noticed...

Going over the fake checks I've been processing as part of my intensive training, the instructor today finally noticed the little memo I've been putting on all of them, as inspired by my uncle's brother's son's cousin's former roommate: "for Personal Massage."

Oh, yeah.

I got paid today. Passed my "midterm" with less than two points of error. I am going to be the second best damn teller EVER.

spendocrat: I have cash for you. I want to get my hosting set up, man. Find me, Mr. Businessman.

Another mission accomplished. I now own all that music. I want a CD tower sometime soon. I also want to hit The Village if I can even get there tomorrow. I haven't been back to lower Manhattan yet... Christ, for all I know, it could still all be CLOSED. :(
Who wants to go with me? Somebody, pleeeeeeease? If I don't see Downward Is Heavenward or Lula Divinia there, I'll order them through or amazon.

I am not white; I am not black. I am proud to call myself an ASSFREAKIN' AMERICAN!
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