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"Love, love, love! I'm in love with Lovely Djani!"

So I've been carpooling with this one girl to get to training these two weeks. She's Indian. And she listens to Indian music.

It's pretty much what I expected... it lives up to the stereotype of Indian music. It's not bad. Not my favorite, but I won't judge them by their pop if they don't judge us by ours.

Now watch her find this entry while google searching for the lyrics to "Lovely Djani."

The Anatomy of a Set-up
Wow, this one girl makes a lot of eye contact. I'd say "she likes me" but she's married. I'd say she was just one of those people who pours off flirtatious looks, but something tells me I'm being bludgeoned with signals. She actually lives within walking distance of the training center, but she got a ride home with us today (three blocks?). I asked how long my driver/classmate knew her because they got along well and she asks me, "Do you like her?"

WAUGH! That's like, so jr. high school. These are two (recently, sure, but still) married women. It was not even related to what I asked her... I was just trying not to be rascist and assume they got along because they were both Indian. And she pulls this blatant "get some info about you for my girl" shit.

People confuse me. I'm going to cut my losses and assume that it means I'm handsome and funny. Maybe I'm really just arrogant and self-centered. What luck; I'm too lazy to do a poll on it to find out what you think.

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