The Enemy of the Good (eideteker) wrote,
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morning scatters in and i am steady like a drug feeling out this one

[22:21:11] <Dark> I'm losing ground
[22:21:14] <Dark> you're losing sound
[22:21:35] <sobriquet> you're realy into hum lately, aren't you?
[22:21:58] <Dark> a simple sick device devised to overload on love and bring us colored dreams and sountracked waves of fun
[22:22:04] <Dark> I tried listening to other music
[22:22:07] <Dark> It doesn't work

[22:22:22] <sobriquet> i need to listen to downward is heavenward more
[22:22:26] <sobriquet> i don't know much of it well yet
[22:22:42] <Dark> I was just going to say
[22:22:51] <Dark> I think I will buy that one this weekend
[22:22:59] <Dark> If nothing else, I will order it used on amazon
[22:23:05] <Dark> It's on my wishlist. :)
[22:23:12] <sobriquet> i found it at a pawn shop
[22:23:14] <sobriquet> $2.99
[22:23:18] <Dark> Apollo pretty much destroys me
[22:23:22] <Dark> damn, it's a good song
[22:23:56] <Dark> so bring no guilt with you up above the flatline
[22:23:56] <Dark> let's just hit the sky exploding into one
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