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"Oh yeah? Well... well... YOU'RE a doodyhead!"

I don't care if you're a district manager in another branch or whatever.

You will not win a pissing contest with me.

I have learned how to stand my ground. Maybe it's just my recent mood, but I feel like that shy, retreating nerd I used to be is just that much deader today.

"You can stand me up at the gates of hell, but I won't back down."

I have no car. Monday, I am supposed to attend a training session in Wayne, NJ (home of the lovely Fountains of Wayne... both store and band named after it). My two alternatives were between renting a car for two five day weeks and then one more day for the test and getting a bus at 6AM so that I could be there by 8:30. Neither alternative seemed appetizing.

Fortunately, a bright and shiny ray of hope emerged through distant clouds, all forsooth and shit: the other branch where I'd interviewed had also finally hired someone... someone WITH A CAR!!! *triumphant fanfare!*
And would she mind giving me a ride? Why, of course not!

This information was, naturally, third hand. Did I ever get to talk to this lady? Nooooo... why would I wanna do that?

Long story short: Her manager agreed, we assumed after asking this other trainee. Today, I called my bank to confirm, only to find out that they had an exception about Monday. Could I arrange other transportation? I told them I would prefer not to. My friendly neighborhood head teller told me she'd call this other manager to see what was up and call me back.

Time comes around noon, and no reply. My branch closes at 1PM; the other branch at noon. I knew the other manager would try to leave soon after that, so I headed down to my bank to see what was the dilly-o/scenario. Just as my manager picked up the phone to call, the other manager called in. Hooray!

Well, no. He was giving my manager some guff, oy-yoy-yoy, about liability and stuff. She put me on the line, and I went to work.

Had I been working for vinz_klortho as his professional asshole, I would have earned a bonus today. My last boss would have been proud of me.

"I stand firm for our soil..."

His complaint was that this girl did not know me. I could be a serial killer. So could she, I argued. We went back and forth for a bit... he would prefer if I could get to know her at training first; how well could she get to know me in a day when we'll be working (pretty hard, I'm told) the whole time? How long constitutes "knowing each other" so as to render him not liable? Who's to say she and I didn't make independent arrangements to carpool? Could I understand the position he was in? Sure, but then why did he agree?

Then I dropped the bomb question: What did the girl think about all of this?

She was fine with it.


Grr. He was INVENTING problems for me. Once I realized that, it was all over. I could feel free to stand my ground without feeling like an asshole. The whole trick behind being a professional asshole is not FEELING like an asshole. You're just doing what you have to do. And he went ahead and made my job soooo much easier. Mmm.

At that point, I put my feet up and leaned back. I had won, whether or not I did win.

And I did win, mind you. We are going ahead with the arrangement as planned... unless the other manager can find another way to weasel out to leave me screwed just for spite.

If he does, I think he'll live to regret it. The best revenge is living well, and doing it right in your enemy's face. And then slashing his tires.

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