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...And he is me.

I awoke this morning and lay in my bed like the hanged man:

top of the world, ma?

I do think that it's my card, more and more. That is to say, if there were one card of the major arcana (trumps) that represented me, it would be he.

XII. The Hanged Man

The Hanged Man is echoed in the myths of Osiris, Jesus Christ, and the Fisher King. Each of these men sacrificed himself so that his kingdom or followers could have better lives.

The suffering that The Hanged Man endures brings wisdom and insight to all those who know him. Hardships and trials in our life help to make us stronger. We learn and grow from the demands life makes on us. By facing our problems head on and by exploring the darkest places of our inner and outer worlds we can understand and rise above our problems.

I like the story of the Fisher King. As David Bowie put it in "I'm Deranged"—

"things guide a man changed
his hands held fire"

Pain brings visions. Anger incites clarity. Tidal cycles with the pull of the moon. You anger me, I can see through you like cut glass. I see how fragile and tender your soul is, and I feel sorry for you. I love you again.

Afterthought: If you number the cards starting with 0 (the Fool) as I do, it's the 13th card. 13's my lucky number, seeing as I was born on Friday the 13th.

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