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That wasn't cool.

You know who you are.

shattered stained glass rains
hear it tinkle on the pavement
shreds of paper torn and out the window
on the wind like dreams
soaked by the rain they stick to things
most to the ground; some not
and I wish I was there
or had been at some time
instead of imagining the memory
counterfeit recollections
I could only wish
in my emptiest moments

thoughts crystallized despite joy
compressed and stressed they explode
and splash violently on the paper
where my lofty aspirations die
like so many cliches refuse to

thoughts whirl like dancing girls
from where I sit, that's my world
mirrors shine in 4:4 time
I split the lemon from the lime

there's nothing right about the light
I cannot take to wing tonight

Spike dropped his egg
it ran down his leg

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