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notes for a post written earlier tonight before things came up that kept me from posting... now you get just the notes cause I am lazy

watching the episode of the Simpsons where Lisa joins Mensa


I don't like nerds, dorks, or geeks. You people wear me thin

at first, I was like, WOW! I finally fit in.


pretention, and caring too much about things that matter too little

but then; I've listened to myself talk about music.

Is my life going to be reduced to loving the one or two girls who don't make me feel like a dork or call me a weirdo?

I used to revel in being called a weirdo. I didn't want to be like other people. I still don't. But now I want you people to be like me.

Ooh, a sarcasm detector! That's a REALLY useful invention. *boom*

Vedkar: yeah
Vedkar: I'm like
Vedkar: just like
Vedkar: nah
Vedkar: I'm not even like
Vedkar: not at all
Vedkar: y'dig?

On the lighter side, I have my choice between Road Trip (again, but hey, it reminds me of my friends more and more each time) and This is Spinal Tap. Either way, I belly laugh tonight.

just another blip on the screen. please ignore. I love you all; you know that. I'm just wrestling with the things we can never hope to change or understand, for fun and profit.
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