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Excerpted from W.H. Auden's "Victor"

"Victor looked up at the sunset as he stood there all alone;
Cried: "Are you in Heaven, Father?" but the sky said: "Address not known."
Victor looked up at the mountains, the mountains all covered with snow;
Cried: "Are you pleased with me, Father?" and the answer came back, No.
Victor came to the forest, cried: "Father, will she ever be true?"
And the oaks and the beeches shook their heads and they answered: "Not to you."
Victor came to the meadow where the wind went sweeping by;
Cried: "O Father, I love her so," but the wind said: "She must die."
Victor came to the river running so deep and so still;
Crying: "O Father, what shall I do?"and the river answered: "Kill."
There was a voice in his left ear, there was a voice in his right,
There was a voice in the base of his skull saying: 'She must die tonight.'"

I think the voices in my head are saying "KILT KILT KILT" so I should probably take up Highland dancing.
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