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Richard fucking Dawson

living arrangement
Me and my mom, for now, living in opposite ends of an apartment.

on your mousepad:
The "my mouse" thing is no longer funny. On top of my Road Runner complimentary mouse pad is my 3M Precision Mousing Surface. It looks like a puddle. Yay, puddles! =D *splash splish*

fav board game
Clue! The movie, too! And Monopoly (monotony) with the right people.

future daughter's name
HELLO MY FUCHAR DOTTER!!! Or Nathalia, if she's firstborn. Nat from my name, and Thalia from the muse of comedy... possibly my only Goddess. :)

favorite magazine
"Seven-six-two millimeter full metal jacket."

fav sounds
my bones being snapped back into alignment, thunder, and to quote Huey Lewis: "I like... the sound of breaking glass. If you don't believe me, why did you ask?"

worst feeling in the world
Being wrong

first thought in the morning
What was I dreaming/do I have time to go back?

rings till answering the phone
two. with caller ID now, sometimes three cause it's slow.

i don't liiiike food. Well, okay. I do. I like condiments and spices. most everything I eat is just so I can eat ketchup or garlic or soy sauce (butter/salt/wasabi/salsa/etc) on it.

VANILLA. Chocolate, though from the same place, is too rich. My bean allergies are weird.

Do you like to drive fast?
The slower I drive, the worse I drive. I get all unconfident if I'm not FEELING the road. I can thread the needle going 60 (and I have; scaring the shit out of my passengers without breaking a sweat), but when I'm going 5 mph, I'm paranoid I'll hit everything... I can't even parallel park slow.
I like to drive hard. I want to be a stunt driver.
and inspired by torak, I quote Steely Dan... "and die behind the wheel..." I think I will, some day. I don't plan to get older than 60 something anyway.

do you sleep with a stuffed animal?
I have a stuffed tiger in/around my bed at all times.

Thunder? Then sign me up. I grew up on the verge of the tornado belt. I live for severe weather. Snow is also cool. I like rain, of course. Hail SUCKS. Doesn't stop me from running outdoors in it, though.

1st car:
87 Buick Century custom, as seen here:'tseethebulletholes.jpg

If you could meet one person, living/deceased, it would be?

Fav drink
Dew, water, iced tea, kool-aid (in order, I think) Alcohol? I only drink vodka straight, sometimes whiskey (hey, I'm Irish)

I EAT ALL BROCCOLI, stems, flower, hot, cold AND ESP WITH CHEESE

If you could have any job...
Creative consultant, maybe author, but I'd have to work at the second one (paaaaperback writer)

Ever been in love?
All too often. Still no regrets, though.

Glass: half-empty or like what is the deal with it?
*gulp* Ahhh... I was thirsty.

Fav movies
No, not really. I like a lot of movies, but not to the point where I can name one or two. You gotta read my journal to see what movie I'm liking today.

Lefty or Righty?
I'm left-handed, but I use my right.

Do you type with your fingers on the right keys?
Tom answer: Yes, and on the left ones, too!

What's under your bed?
Stuff. It ain't mine, so I couldn't elaborate.

Fav number?
Novocaine, so far.

Fav sport to watch
I don't watch sports. Unless I am doing, I am bored. Same goes for concerts and theater. It's not that it has to be all about me, I just don't like watching other people do stuff because it means I am not doing anything.

Fav thing about the internet
Information in massive quantities, if you know who to ask.

Would you travel back in time?
What do you mean, back? Would I reverse the direction of entropy in my brain? No, cause then I would forget stuff. *cough*BriefHistoryofTime*cough*
Read it.

Fav horror movie
Whatever, as long as I am watching it with Less Craven, the master

Fav shopping
SHØP. Those of you who know me know St. Mark's CDs and me are as like married.

Fav shopping partner
No one can keep up with me. My legs are too long.

Fav dance
Groove is in the heart. There are no moves to a good groove.

Fav hairdo
On me? Crew cut. But I don't consider that a 'do'
On women? Anything with bangs. Longer generally better.

Fav sex act
Cunnilingus, cause I'm GOOD at it. Or whatever is better than good. To paraphrase the great bard Vanilla Ice, I rock the clit like a vandal.

[ignoring favorite album/song, but get ELP's Tarkus and King Crimson's In the Court of the Crimson King if you haven't got them; they're albums meant to be listened to as albums, not singles. I don't count random collections of 'tunes' as albums. PROG ROCK 4 EVAR]

Fav sistar
DUH even if she's not a blood relation

fav candybar
Athos, Porthos, Aramis and possibly D'Artagnan

fav author
Don't make me break you.

fav book
Here is a hint: it is NOT the Divine Comedy.

do you plan to have kids?
(as a matter) Of course.

If you could be anywhere right now, would you be where you are?
I would be where YOU are, honey lovin.

Any regrets?
Nope! "I'm doin' the best I can... that's just what I am!"

Can men and women ever be "just friends"?
sure, if she's ugly and he's too lazy to uNF her anyway


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