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So I went for a drive...

Nothing fancy, just a grocery run; milk and juice and things (Kool-aid among them). The first song that plays when I turn on the radio? Guess!

Boy oh boy. I also got a "Magic Carpet Ride" out of the trip. Who remembers Lyz? The fashion designer who I actually managed to charm, back in the days when I was still a pimp-in-training. Ah, memories. And songs that remind me of girls...

Through it all, I've remained extremely cool, I like to think. I've never really gone psycho on anyone or 'stalked'; everything's been fun. I look forward to more in the future. It's gonna get better. I'm just in a funk.

Maybe tonight I can sleep it off. I have to go to work tomorrow and become a Well-Respected Man.

The song on the radio on my way home? Incubus' Drive... Soon, I'll have my own car, yes I will. And my change at the grocery store? $3.17.

Everything's gonna be a-okay.
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