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The Malaise of a Hundredth Entry Slump

I don't know how to follow up on my last post, so here are some bad words on how I (shouldn't) feel:

Here I sit, brokenhearted
What has finished
Had only just started
The end had come
The bells have tolled
Here I am left
Alone and cold

Why has it come
Down to this?
There's so much in life
Made just to be missed
All this pleasure
Just makes so much more pain
I'm left wondering
If I'll ever be sane

Spinning, whirling, I flow down the drain
I can't believe this is happening again
Maybe I'll come back as a drop of rain
Life short, just a splatter on your window pane.

I'm here and I'm
Not going away
I know it won't
Be like this everyday
I just feel like...

I know why man does not have the power to actually break shit with his bare hands. I'm talking like, signs and metal railings on staircases and bridges and punching through trees like in Kung Fu flicks. Given that power and that power alone, man will want the power to break bigger shit. We're never happy (trite, I know).

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