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I had to fake going to sleep to get you motherfuckers to post anything at all.

Why am I still up? I was watching (surprise) another movie: The Pornographer. It looked like a kind of goofy bittersweet guy-who-can't-get-laid movie, perfect for me.


Holy shit did that movie just fuck me up. See it. Or don't. I don't give a shit.

Wow. I don't think it would have fucked me up as bad if the female lead hadn't reminded me of today's birthday girl so much. She was the same sort of cute; a little awkward but very pretty (the pains of writing a journal entry about someone who's going to read it! Oy!).

Wow. Fuck. That was a fucking SEVERE movie. Severely what? Fuck you. If kids can use extreme as an adjective these days, I can use severe the same way.

It was a good movie, and a bad movie. Does that make sense? Emotionally wrenching like a motherfucker. Shit. It wasn't supposed to be a dark movie. Jesus... just machine gun all the carebears to death or something.

And now I've ruined the movie for you. Oh, like you were gonna watch it anyway.

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