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Movie Roundup

The Blob.
This movie is SO BAD. It's as if the director got a whole bunch of Canadjuns together and told them to act "all eighties." Like how the doctor doesn't want to help the derelict old man because he's "with a patient" and then when the kid tells him someone's dying in there he's still all capitalist and hesitant. There are lots of obvious kid/authority figure moments, too. And bad acting (DeGrassi Jr. High moments where people try to slam doors and stuff, quotes like, "C'mon, this is the eighties!"). Oh hell yes.

Time After Time.
Note Mary Steenburgen. In this film, she plays the woman who leaves her own time to marry the time travelling H. G. Wells. She would go on to later play Clara Clayton (Brown) and leave her own time to marry the time-travelling Doc Brown in Back to teh Footchaar%!@#%#% part the IIIrd. I would like to take this opportunity to label her a geek-lovin hitchhikin TIMESLUT. Now to invent my own time machine so I may also do her. But back then.

Nick of Time.
Johnny Depp AND Chris Walken (his friends call him Chris). Interesting flick. Yeah, it's a "flick." Ugh shaky camera work, yay everything else. I wanted Roc to kick more ass, though.

And this, in reverse order, not including the nap, is how I spent my Saturday after cartoons. I am a lazy carbon blob, yes I am. Three movies, three decades, all quintessentially mediocre representatives of their decade.

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