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The classics!

I need a good Shiner lyrics site while I'm in a lyrical mood. I have been puzzling over this song for months.
It's quickly becoming my favorite, or at least, tieing with Semper Fi, which is one of the greatest songs ever recorded, all opinion aside.

"That's the novelty of this debate
That's the irony of this debate
That's the fly that's been left in my cake"


I can't hear my phone
And I'm sure he's been trying to call
There's a twist in this
something I know (?)
something i can't hear at ALLL cause the fucking lawnmower outside...
wtf? No one even has a yard around here... the homes that aren't high-rises or condos with nothing but parking lot are house built to the property line because space is so expensive.

My mom called. She made it to California, safe and sound! Thanks to everyone concerned.
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