The Enemy of the Good (eideteker) wrote,
The Enemy of the Good

Being hired twice rocks.

There's a certain benefit in being hired more than one day before you start work. No scrubbing for work; I can sleep it ALL I WANT. Or watch TV. Or play SNES. Now I have an entire week of indolence! Just like tribble! =D

Whoo, and mom goes on vacation tomorrow. All alone!

Man, being hired like this is great. I should spend all my time getting hired. It rules, except for the no money thing. I took the original position I applied for at the bank down the street, rather than the one that I worked at yesterday, which was a 20 min walk. I even got them to match the higher salary at the other bank. So! I got hired again. Anyone wants a job at a bank in North Jersey, I know where to send you.

I am going to name one of my kids O. Snap. Orenthal Snap Jones. That way, I can call out, "O Snap!" all the time.

Man, I love it when Chris Rock says Orenthal. Orenthal.

Oooh, the episode of Pokèmon where Brock comes back.

I have a new icon. This is not it. Nor is this: iconemo!

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