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Oh yes and

I have finished The Invisible Man.

Excellent. I need to pick up "The Time Machine." Wells' tales of isolated loners in search of greater truth appeals to me very much now. I'm lonesome, but I want to be alone. Or not. There's a few select people whose company I'm appreciating, and they know because I've been talking to them, I think. Of course, there are people I'd be willing to talk to but I'm not in the mood to seek out. Rather, I wish to be sought out. It's a self-importance issue. I am a definite callee when I don't want to seem like a wastrel puppy dawg.

Only I could get tied up for an hour looking through old posts for what I once said on loneliness vs. lonesomeness... didn't find it, either.

In other news: Fuck new on-line surveys... this classic one is much better. #12, #28, #46 especially. Fuck the image on #6.

Oh and open polls seem to be a great way to find out who's reading your journal. Also to make new friends. That's why I have so many!

And the best of both flavors means: CLASSIC POLL! yes, you read right, NUMBA SIXTY! Out of thousands, now. I think I just missed having a poll in the single digits, actually.


Addendum. Jesus MacChrist did it take me forever (FOREVER!!!) to find that damn lonesomeness post. I had to tell google I wasn't fucking playing games. It holds a hint behind solitaire's origin, for the curious, too.

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