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Dreammares and Nightscapes

Many (or one long convoluted) dreams last night; the only part I am still remembering (having just rolled out of bed) was the rather interesting concept of the intertemporal dating game show.

I can hear you now saying WTF?

Well! At some sort of family get-together/auction, I surprised myself by cutting in on me dancing with my date. The situation quickly threatened to degenerate into a fist fight until someone got the great idea of TURNING IT INTO A GAME SHOW!

What was funny was that this happened more than once. Not sure how you feel about it, Becca, but you were, at one point, a "PRIZE"! =D

That's right, once and future loves; they were all up for grabs as different time-travelling versions of me (recognized by the time travel console thingy on his wrist) vied in competion of the mes of then for their women. I guess it's not against the player code to try to steal your OWN woman, or something. I have no idea why you'd want to, if you were fated to break up with said woman anyway, but maybe later chronological mes know something I don't. Well, hell, they have time machines, so that MUST mean they know SOMETHING I don't.

Though I have a hunch those time machines only exist on closed timelike curves.

What's interesting was one of the babes was a ~5' 7" blonde (looooong blonde hair) named "Ann" (spelled without an 'e'! Dunno how I know that!). So now I am on the look out for chicks like her. Funny thing is, because of the time lag from all the time travelling, she seemed more like she was from the past. And the part that's really interesting (all that other stuff so far hasn't been that interesting... I just said that to get you to read this far, assuming you still are reading) is that she reminded me of a slightly chunky version of Liz Clune, the 5' 7" chick with long blonde hair who was the only one to seriously jokingly ask me out in middle school. Confused? So am I. What I mean is this: she happened to be in the room with me and a teacher when blah blah blah came out about how smart I really was and she was like, "Hot damn! I'm gonna marry you! You're gonna be rich!" But like, she kinda meant it. In the sort of, take it as a compliment way. So she was the only girl to jokingly ask me out that didn't mean it as an insult. Whee! So now she gets remembered in my dreams, I guess. She always was a pretty nice girl. Too bad she was dating the STAR BASKETBALL PLAYER (who was sadly not me) at the time. Hee. She was usually pretty nice to me, and especially after that day. And she was from the midwest, so she had that twang thang that had me singin' bout my Ole Kaintucky Home. Man, I could SO go for a southern belle right now. Except not the dainty debutante type. I need me a woman BUILT FOR DAMAGE! =O

Did I just say that out loud?

Well, closed timelike curves... not a new concept to me, but something on my mind since reading Ian Stewart's Flatterland. Now causality can be a real bitch, especially where time travel is concerned. What's interesting is that the rules are different along a closed, timelike curve; that is to say, when an object/event does not leave it's own causality loop. So if I appear out of nowhere and give myself a time machine, then travel around time, as long as I eventually go "back" and give myself that time machine, I never actually need to invent it, because it is never invented and never destroyed. This line of logic follows the laws of QM, specifically "virtual particles"; the particle antiparticle pairs that are constantly being created and the destroyed for a net energy loss of 0 in the quantum vacuum. Take a particle antiparticle pair and create them outside a black hole so that one particle falls in; the other will escape, and take some of the black hole's momentum. That's how they give off heat and eventually evaporate. A well known phenomenon by now, and tres chouette.

How does this effect my story? Well, I'm pretty sure I stole my own time machine (ripped it off my own arm, so to speak) and took it travelling. A frustrated then me who lost his woman to a future me then proceeded to steal a future me's woman and so on. So, my dreams are still logically consistent! If you ignore the whole game show idea....

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