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Do you like stories?

Something that the laughter of children and jish's journal entry about not being sure if he really wanted to live in New York made me think about today....

When I was six, I wanted to be an astronaut. More than anything. I was a sci-fi kid, born and raised (believe it or not, right?), and I wanted to go into space. As Keith said in my favorite childhood show's pilot: "We're space explorers and WE NEED SPACE." I always loved that quote.

Well, one day, a little six year old boy was watching TV, probably that very cartoon, when the news came on... the Space Shuttle challenger exploded. Well, shit. I still wanted to be an astronaut, though, for a few years. As I matured, the dream faded, but not because of fear from the disaster.

So, go me, and stuff.

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