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And thanks...

For reminding me I matter... in the face of such gigantic news, it's easy to lose oneself. Thanks to each and every person who called/e-mailed/IMed me, even if I wasn't receptive. You know why I was angry, and it wasn't at you.

For my coverage and personal involvement, I have received so many compliments today; compliments on my writing; on me as a person... they all mean so much.

Everyone is safe, so far. So many friends and relatives downtown... I hear they all made it out of the tower, at least, and are presumed safe.

So maybe, I can finally sleep.

No more prophetic dreams, I hope. Unless they involve candy and Nemos and dinner parties with #tmbg'ers like Brak and Zeit and Enna and Baka and Lorrrrrrrry Elllllie.

Those kind of dreams are... well... the stuff that dreams are made of.

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